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No. 1 Melfort Gunpowder Blend - WHOLE BEAN

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A blend of arabica coffee beans giving a strong flavour of chocolate, nuts and caramelised sugar.

Roasted by hand in small batches in Kilmelford.

This coffee is a blend of 3 different types of bean, all sourced from FairTrade small farms and cooperative; 2 of which are certified organic.

The majority of the coffee in this blend comes from Lake Kivu region, one of the African Great Lakes, which lies on the border between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda.

Our coffee beans are sourced from two small scale growers in both the Congo and Rwanda.

In Rwanda, our bourbon coffee beans come from the COOPAC cooperative, in the Rubavu District, which is strongly committed to the widespread promotion of organic farming in Rwanda and is both organic and fair trade. 

In the Congo, our bourbon beans come from a variety of small holding farms, all with Fairtrade and organic certification. As with its neighbour, Rwanda, coffee has come to represent a significant opportunity for economic regeneration and social impact within the country. In the 1970’s the Congo was one of the leading exporters of coffee in the world. Today, production stands at 10% of what it once was. Until recently, instability and poor infrastructure have limited farmer’s access to market. We are fortunate to be able to trade directly with our supplier, thereby ensuring flow of revenue directly back into the country.

The final constituent of our house blend comes from a range of small cooperatives in the Lam Dong region in Vietnam. We are using catimor beans (a variety of arabica) which impart the citrus, and caramelised sugar flavour to the coffee. The majority of coffee exported from Vietnam is the robusta bean - we are using arabica beans which impart a smoother, less bitter flavour to the final blend.

By buying Dryad Coffee you are helping to support up and coming small holders and cooperatives (as opposed to large scale commercial operatives!

This coffee is whole bean if you wish to grind it yourselves

220 g

Our minimum order for free UK delivery is 2 bags of coffee, or a single bag of coffee can be posted for a standard fee of £3.95 to cover the cost of 2nd class tracked postage. We do not make a profit on postage costs, but unfortunately we have no option but to pass on the cost of posting a single bag.





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