About Us

Dryad Argyll is a small, family run artisan business owned by Ronald and Louise in Kilmelford, Argyll on the West Coast of Scotland.

Louise is a natural product chemist with 25 years experience of working with natural extracts and essential oils. Louise designs the formulations used in our candles to ensure that the chemistry of the essential oils complements the natural tree extracts - our candles are not random mixtures of fragrances but instead are carefully designed based on the chemistry and properties of the constituents.

Ronald is responsible for the roasting and blending of our coffee, production of our candles and coffee and the day to day management of our business and orders. Ronald is also an artist and has produced all of the artwork used in this website.

Ronald is also the host for Bellevue Bute, our new luxury self catering property on the beautiful Scottish Isle of Bute.

We are always happy to discuss any of our candle or coffee making - if you have a question about our products we would be delighted to hear from you.


Dryad Argyll : Dryad Candleworks, Dryad Coffeeworks, Bellevue Bute

Kilmelford, Argyll


07470 887542